Stephanie Flyger: Shawna- These are exceptional! Your photographs are always truly stunning and breathtaking, but these are at another level. I seriously teared up looking at captured their humanity in a way I've never seen wedding photographs. GREAT WORK!!! 6.4.08, 10:21PM
Kristin Garaas-Johnson: Ever thought of shooting for a national bridal magazine? Some of your images are breath-taking! Why not send them a few samples of your work? The head table pic and the pic of the dress hanging in the window look so elegant and exotic. Like art. 6.4.08, 10:04AM
Caitlin Domanico Photography: gorgeous shots!! 6.2.08, 6:30PM
Katie: Wow! Those are awesome! 6.2.08, 8:44AM
Jessi Hebert: Beautiful setting, people, and pictures in general! Great work! 6.1.08, 7:18PM
lauren: wow, those pics are amazing!! great job, they are so beautiful and I can't wait to see more 5.31.08, 9:29PM