Whitney: Shawna those images are so amazing!! You are so creative! I love the grass/shed shot. 5.22.08, 11:40AM
Marisa: Love those. So creative and it adds such an amazing dimension and texture. 5.21.08, 5:22PM
Kory: That peeling paint gives me the HeeBee JeeBees. But it was cool. Use the old camera how it should? Nah, stick with what works! 5.21.08, 4:45PM
MOM: Shawna those photos are so awesome, I love the paint coming off the walls. 5.21.08, 9:45AM
Erik F : Very cool Shawna; you are always being creative :) 5.20.08, 2:52PM
MsB: Very cool photos!!! Now, this may sound absurd, but this is the kind of places that I just LOVE taking my clients to photograph. I'm all about textures as opposed to "pretty" places, such as a rose garden or something. 5.20.08, 1:59PM
emily griffith: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5.20.08, 8:23AM
Cory Ann: What a fabulous idea! I may need to steal that. Love the images. CA 5.20.08, 8:16AM