Helen A.: LOVE THE HOUSE! You described it well - but it was o fun to see the photos! Love the site BTW! 11.22.11, 11:36PM
Sonia Kraft: Looks great, Shawna. I love your taste. Hope you are enjoying your new home!!! Exactly...what chaos? 6.12.11, 12:09AM
jm: What a beautiful house!! Congrats! (and whew I didn't see a mess!! :)) 5.18.11, 10:45PM
Heidi Tetzman: Shawna, you bought a house?? It's GORGEOUS! Congratulations!!! 5.11.11, 3:02PM
Kayla Skramstad: Congrats on the new house! It's super cute! I actually drive by your place everyday. LOL Doug and I just bought a house in EGF and your house is now on my way to and from work! :) 5.5.11, 2:33PM
Shawna: Thank you, friends, for the kind comments! Hope, my shoe shelves are ladder shelves from Crate and Barrel. I think they still carry them :) Adrienne, yes I think we are in the same neighborhood as you! Are you on Walnut? 5.3.11, 5:16PM
Amy: Congrats, Shawna! It is absolutely adorable. I love it!! 5.2.11, 12:29PM
Allie: Congratulations, Shawna! Your house is beautiful. Also, I am completely jealous of your gorgeous shoe collection. 5.1.11, 1:14PM
Adrienne: Gorgeous! I think I know where this is--if so, you're only a couple blocks from us :). Love those old windows--we have them too. Congrats!! Ooo and I love the wall color in your bedroom too. really calm. 4.30.11, 10:37PM
Hope S: Love your house. I'm curious where the chaos is? Love your closet. I'm curious where you got your shoe selves. 4.30.11, 1:18PM
Megan Wold: I'm jealous. It's beautiful and SO completely you! Congratulations! 4.30.11, 11:43AM
Kelsey: Love it Shawna!! I too love the details! :) Enjoy your new home! 4.30.11, 10:32AM
Christy: Looks great! Congrats again! 4.30.11, 12:54AM