Missy Dale: can you email me the one on one session info too please :) 2.14.11, 7:10PM
Cara: Wondering if this is the only beginner workshop you're offering for now? That date doesn't work for me and I'm incredibly sad as I'm camera-ready and wanting to learn!! I know Renae K would also attend if offered on another date! Keep us updated. Hope all is well! 2.3.11, 9:28PM
Shawna: Megan: Yes! Please stop by and say hello. We'd love to see you! Kari: We are offering one-on-one sessions. I'll email you with more info! 2.3.11, 12:19PM
Kari: So do you plan on having another workshop for a step above beginners any time in the future...? :) Glad to see you back to blogging! I miss seeing your lovely photos. 2.1.11, 8:11PM
Megan : So I'm going to be in town for the hockey game that weekend. I'd love to stop by and say hello to my beautiful friends. :) 2.1.11, 7:46PM