Helen: WOW! I love to see the progression! I wouldn't have ever thought about your teeth before - but now - WOW - perfection! :) 1.21.11, 11:26AM
Digital Background Fan: You look like a million bucks...so happy for you 1.20.11, 9:56AM
Shamima Sultana: I think you looked beautiful before as today ..beautiful girl is always beautiful . 1.1.11, 2:05AM
Milissa : Lookin' good, pretty lady!!!! 12.16.10, 10:49AM
Ellie :): Shawna you are too funny! You look Great!! 12.10.10, 5:28PM
jm: Beautiful before and beautiful and beaming after! 12.10.10, 12:00PM
Gretta: This is amazing Shawna!!!! You look GREAT!! :) 12.9.10, 8:16PM
LINDSEYBELLE: Amazing! You look awesome lady!! 12.8.10, 4:56PM
emily: OOOLALA! You are looking good my friend! I miss you! 12.8.10, 10:05AM
Amanda: I love your mom's comment. So mom-like and so sweet. Your smile is FABULOUS. 12.8.10, 9:53AM
Megan : You were beautiful before, but that smile is absolutely radiant now. What at a "stunna" 12.8.10, 9:28AM
Katie: Gorgeous!! 12.8.10, 9:26AM
mom: You were beautiful when you were born and even more so now ( inside and out ) !!!! Love MOM 12.8.10, 9:08AM
Kelli: You look great!! 12.8.10, 8:57AM