Annie: Spending some time on a lazy Sunday adoring your always. I love the last pic of this post. It's art. It's magic. 9.5.10, 3:39PM
jm: WOW. Amazing. I love thee dress and the bridesmaid's ones that have pockets! LOVE IT!! 8.31.10, 3:52PM
Amanda Cardinal: I REALLY need a Helen in my life! My blog is non-existent right now and I have so much new stuff I should be blogging and sharing with the world! Oh well; some day a Helen might just walk into my life. Oh, and these images are amazing (as always). 8.27.10, 10:21AM
Amanda V: Woohoo! These pictures are great! I'm so excited to see them!! 8.27.10, 9:37AM
Bethy: I LOVE these Shawna! I know one of the bridesmaids and she told me to come check out the photos! You do such a beautiful job with weddings- I'll definitely have to keep up with your blog better! Love them! 8.26.10, 5:05PM
Shawna: Ha! I've never heard the word "splendiferous" before, but I love it! You are too cute, April :) 8.26.10, 4:26PM
April: I didn't think I could love a cake as much as ours, but that pink one is absolutely splendiferous! I am in love. 8.26.10, 4:08PM