Shawna: Thanks for the comments, photo-friends! Annie, yes, I too love our jumping photo. I'll be emailing you copies! 4.20.10, 8:40AM
Dave: I loved the energy of the group. Thanks for having me! 4.19.10, 10:56PM
Annie: Thank you for posting the pic of us jumping together, Shawna. It makes me look like I have a bum and that makes me happy! Ha ha! Such a great time! Thank you to everyone for everything! 4.19.10, 10:35PM
erin : Great Photos! Great Workshop! 4.19.10, 10:16PM
Kelsey: Yay for workshop pictures!! :) It was fun to look at them! I had so much fun, again and I learned a lot! :) Thanks Shawna and Kory!! 4.19.10, 6:09PM
Shawna: I agree! Aren't they the coolest? They were even on sale when he bought them :) 4.19.10, 4:25PM
Spamanda: Kory's orange shoes rock - even as a prop. 4.19.10, 4:04PM