Milissa Van Eps: Good luck, Shawna! I'm sure everything will go smoothly for you! Sending well wishes your way! Milissa 2.8.10, 9:16AM
Ross: Get better soon! everything will be fine! 2.5.10, 3:30PM
allie Hoistad: Good luck, Shawna! I hope the surgery went smoothly - I'm sure you're enjoying being drugged up right about now :) I know the scared feeling - I almost had to have the same surgery done when I was about 13! But luckily they were able to correct my terrible overbite with headgear...GROSS. You'll be in my prayers :) 2.2.10, 6:39PM
jm: Praying for you, Shawna! Everything will be okay and you'll be happier in the end! :) 2.2.10, 10:29AM
Stephanie: Long time blog stalker here but I just had to comment... I had jaw surgery April of 2007 and I don't remember much pain at all! If there was I'm pretty sure it was covered up by plenty of Percocet! I didn't even get my jaw wired shut as it couldn't move much anyway. But when it was ready to open up I was fine. The difference the surgery makes! I couldn't be happier..they originally wanted to move both jaws but ultimately decided on just the bottom and the results were amazing! Don't worry. Percocet is your friend, girl! 2.1.10, 11:55PM
Kory: Your going to do great! Master of wind, light and email, I like it. See you tomorrow and enjoy your drugs! 2.1.10, 11:31PM