Jess: Wow, these pictures are gorgous! This is in grand forks? I dont recognized either locations, where are they? 5.30.10, 5:18PM
jm: The bride is BREATHTAKING. Wow. I love ALL of these photos. 1.30.10, 8:26PM
brooke: Wow! Absolutely beautiful.... from the couple to the details. 1.29.10, 9:43PM
Allie Hoistad: LOVE love love this wedding! Some of the best photos - really full of emotion! Great work as always! 1.29.10, 6:02PM
Srt2010: Shawa, you've proven what an eye you have. I was at the wedding, and all I can say is that you captured it to a "T"!! Your name will be on the minds of everyone that is looking for a photographer, if I have anything to do with it. 1.29.10, 4:25PM
Shawna: Thank you for the kind comment, Brynn! 1.29.10, 10:27AM
Brynn: Shawna - you've outdone yourself with this one. The way you captured the lights during the ceremony is amazing. It's such a great representation of a winter wedding!! 1.29.10, 9:13AM