Karen: Oh my gosh "the wedding that wasn't" the pictures are so beautiful. They both look so calm and happy. The photo of Emily is so clear with the veil in front of her face. The new blog is awesome!! 9.4.07, 11:22AM
Shawna: Ha! We did have a good time :) Thanks for the comments, Molly! You, Emily and I will have to meet up sometime! 9.4.07, 9:49AM
Molly: Those are great pictures of Emily and Justin. You do beautiful work! Emily told me all about the photo shoot. It sounds like you guys had a good time (especially when you ran into our bride and groom from the day before!!) 9.4.07, 8:12AM
Shawna: Thanks Britta! And good call on the location :) 9.3.07, 10:10PM
Britta Trygstad: Shawna, the light on the photo of the couple at Island Park Gazebo is totally awesome! 9.3.07, 2:51PM