Shawna: Kailey, that is a funny story! I think Hayley mentioned that she "edited" it ... didn't it say, "Mrs. and Mr. R" for you? 7.30.09, 3:57PM
Kailey Restad: It's a funny story...I recently got married in Minto(July 4) and my sister wrote a message on the chalkboard for me and my husband (Kailey & Kelly). I was hoping that a picture would have gotten taken of it, but there was none... now that I look at these pictures, the first one was of my sister's message-still up on the chalkboard the next week and it works for Hayley and Dan, too! Ohhhh how neat is that! :) 7.30.09, 10:48AM
Mary Jane (A): Love the "minto" sign one! Beautiful dress. 7.29.09, 1:52PM