Lindsay Anderson: You should totally contact the band to see if they want to buy copies of these from you! Wow, amazing work! 9.2.10, 3:09PM
Stephanie: sAwesome! It feels like you were standing on stage with them! Awesome! 4.21.09, 5:26PM
Joy McAllen: Shawna, you're an animal! You have such a gift. I was at that concert and I felt like I just went to it again! 4.20.09, 11:24PM
jm: I LOVE THESE, as usual! You rock 4.18.09, 9:22PM
Christy Doyea: You did an amazing job. 4.18.09, 12:48PM
Carm: These are AMAZING! I am not a Sugarland fan, but I'm a music lover and I really enjoy concert pics and yours are fantastic. You have a great eye, clearly a great camera, and some mad skills, girl! 4.18.09, 12:21PM
Michelle: Amazing photos! Some of them look like they posed for you in a studio or something. And as far as country goes.. I have the same mindset as you. Some of it isnt too bad. 4.17.09, 11:02PM
Lesli: I FREAKING LOVE these pictures!! Well actually I love all your photos, but these are definitely some of my favorites!!! 4.17.09, 9:40PM
Rachael: you captured the evening PERFECTLY! they were amazing! great shots!!! 4.17.09, 9:26PM
Allie: Was that not one of the best concerts EVER?! I saw you guys down there and felt a huge pang of jealousy. I had to resort to a point and shoot from the stands. :( PS great shots! 4.17.09, 8:53PM
Desiree: Lovin' your shots! They're Awesome. Did you get photos of the huge hamster balls?! That was so much fun. You guys rock...even country style ;) 4.17.09, 8:28PM
Fran Chelico: are you even kidding me!!??!! I LOVE Sugarland! These photos totally ROCK!! 4.17.09, 7:26PM