sarah Shomion: Hi. I found your blog thru my friend Kali whose wedding you photographed. Nice work on all the weddings, and i love the portraits. My son turns one on March 1st and i'm looking for someone to do shots of him and us as a family. i never sent out announcement photos, so i thought i'd do it for his first birthday... I hope to talk to you soon. thanks, sarah 1.14.09, 11:01PM
Marisa: Ditto the bridge shot.... Perfection! 12.17.08, 9:52AM
Shawna: Megan, I couldn't agree more! The bridge shot is one of my favorite photos of 2008 :) 12.16.08, 12:46PM
Megan Norman: I love the bridge shot. The light bringing in the line shadows...awesome. 12.16.08, 9:24AM