Kristin Garaas-Johnson: Very nice work. But only 7th place?! What were they thinking? I think your work is first-rate! 1.6.09, 2:36PM
Helen: Oh Shawna! You are amazing! Congrats to you!! 12.18.08, 8:29PM
Janna: Awesome! 12.13.08, 1:20PM
Chris: Shawna I personally think that our picture of the guys with cigars in black & white defeats this, but that is just me the guy who still uses a Sony digital camera. Very Very PROUD to tell people that you are our photographer. 12.11.08, 4:33PM
MOM: You are amazing!!! You are so talented!! 12.10.08, 2:25PM
Shawna: Thanks everyone :) 12.10.08, 1:28PM
Megan: That's awesome! Good for you! 12.10.08, 11:07AM
Michelle: Awesome!! Congrats 12.10.08, 10:46AM
Marisa: Congrats! Their wedding was one of my favorites of yours. 12.10.08, 8:35AM