Jenny: Looks great! I'll be looking for the invitation to the big party in January;-) 12.9.08, 6:21PM
Katie: I don't know. I really think you should have left the lovely border. Didn't you know that floral wallpaper is all the rage?? I have something going on the weekend of January 24th so you should really plan your party accordingly. Just thought I'd let you know! :) 12.8.08, 12:36PM
Kory: I look so confused building your desk. I wasn't, I swear. 12.5.08, 10:10PM
Shawna: Ha! Michelle and Whitney, I told Kory that exact story when we were painting ... we had to use this special primer to paint the trim in our office, and it was some good smellin' stuff, and it reminded me of our little adventure, Michelle! Good times :) 12.5.08, 9:20PM
Whitney: Shawna was that the time that you and Michelle didn't properly ventilate your basement... 12.5.08, 8:14PM
Michelle: For some reason, these pictures remind me of when we painted your room in Minot.. then danced in the streets. Wow. 12.5.08, 3:37PM
Christy Doyea: Nice! Can't wait to see it. Where is it at? 12.5.08, 2:21PM
emily griffith: YOWSAS! Lookin good! I just painted my office too! 12.5.08, 1:56PM