Ruth Popiel: ANDREW, YOU ROCK!!! We are so very proud of you! Web site is great, too! 8.14.08, 11:24AM
Carm: I'm a lurker on your site, always checking out the latest wedding pics and I have to say I love your work. I actually know the subject of these photos--a kid with a heart of gold. He looks so GREAT. Actually kind of tough and cool, right? Thanks for doing such a great job with the pics. I love them. 8.14.08, 10:13AM
Shawna: Thanks Christy. #4 is one of my favorites, too. :) 8.12.08, 3:09PM
Christy Doyea: Great job. I really love the 4th one. Lighting is pretty cool. 8.9.08, 12:00AM