Shawna: Yes Mom, the cookie was good. I like this photo because I was on the phone with my mom as I was taking it ... you can see that the receiver is missing :) 6.6.08, 3:03PM
Kristin Garaas-Johnson: And we miss you. It's been fun seeing you pop in and out here and there. . .and you thought your work was finished here! Hah! :) Seriously though, don't be a stranger. 6.4.08, 10:01AM
MOM: How sweet was that!! Was the cookie good? 5.23.08, 4:42PM
Caitlin Domanico Photography: Happy last day!! 5.23.08, 2:47PM
Fisch: wow, I didn't get any signs when I left the Herald :) 5.23.08, 12:35PM
Katie Lewis: I just keep repeating to myself, My day will come soon, My day will come soon! I'm so excited for you!! And jealous :) 5.23.08, 11:53AM