Lori: Shawna, I just love your photos and have checked your blog/website often ever since you gave me your business card (you were at my house ever-so-briefly WAAAAY back in October/November to take some photos for an article on hand-made greeting cards...unfortunately, the photos never made it to press!). Anyway, congrats! I'm hoping you'll teach a community ed class on photography some day...I'd love to learn some tips from you! :-) 3.6.08, 9:40PM
Janna: congrats! You should be proud...now we have a reason to have another girls night!!! 2.29.08, 10:13AM
Ashley: Congrats, Shawna! Much deserved! :) 2.28.08, 10:08PM
Caitlin Domanico Photography: Fabulous! Congrats!!!!! 2.28.08, 7:41PM
Shawna: Thanks so much everyone. :) 2.28.08, 10:47AM
MOM: My daughter is so talented...I am so proud!!!! 2.28.08, 8:23AM
Michelle: Great Job Shawna! 2.27.08, 10:13PM
Christy Doyea: Congrats! You have to stop by and see my new puppy. 2.27.08, 5:56PM
emily griffith: Way to go! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.27.08, 3:31PM
Shawna: Hey Cory Ann! Yes, we'll be there :) It'll be fun to meet you in person! 2.27.08, 3:08PM
Cory Ann Ellis: Congratulations! Hope to see you next week! CA 2.27.08, 3:01PM