Ashley: I LOVE that last photo! Classic! :) 2.28.08, 10:16PM
Ashley: Wahoo! The photos look great, you two are such great photographers. I loved your enthusiasm the entire day! I can't wait to see the rest...: ) 2.28.08, 11:17AM
caitlin: these photos are beautiful. snow makes wedding photos so magical!!! 2.26.08, 8:30PM
Shawna: Hey Maren! Oh, I'm so glad you like the photos! We really did have a wonderful time :) Thanks for inviting us to share your day with you. 2.25.08, 5:02PM
Maren : Hi Shawna!!! Wow- THANK YOU- these pictures are fabulous! You guys were so much fun to work with- I will be telling everyone to check these out!! Wasn't the Electric Slide fun? Ha! 2.25.08, 12:52PM
Shawna: Hey Dennis ... yes, aren't the boots great? We put them to good use! Brea, we loved meeting you and your sisters, too! You were such a fun group. Thanks for checking out the blog. :) 2.25.08, 2:10AM
Brea: Thank you both for everything you did yesterday! We are a wild group and you two fit right in. The photos look awesome and I can't wait to see more!! I truely loved meeting you! 2.24.08, 2:53PM
Dennis Bullock: Love the snow boots! The shots look great... 2.24.08, 2:15PM